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Be the first in your market to offer Phyn.

Becoming an Uponor Pro Squad member puts you in an elite group of authorized water specialists charged with advancing the plumbing industry and moving water forward. As an exclusive installer of Phyn, the new smart water technology from Uponor and Belkin, you have the power to control your market and be the professional that customers turn to for progress in plumbing.

What is Phyn?
Phyn is a first-of-its-kind innovation - an intelligent water monitor designed exclusively for homes. It will monitor and analyze the in-home water use for leaks, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. It has the potential to save your customers thousands of dollars in water damage by alerting them to plumbing problems before they happen.
Why join the Pro Squad?
Expand your business with access to the exclusive Phyn offering—be among the first to offer this in-demand smart water technology.
Gain access to Uponor’s world-class training and support.
Further your position as a leading plumber in your market.
Grow your bottom-line by diagnosing other plumbing problems in new customers’ homes.
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