Factory Training

This three-day training is designed for contractors seeking to develop their understanding of hydronic radiant heating systems and radiant system controls.

Radiant Heating & Cooling | 3 days |   $399

This three-day training brings students who are already well versed in radiant hydronics, theory, design and installation to a higher level of understanding the world of hydronics.

Radiant Heating & Cooling | 3 days |   $399
This one-day training is an overview of how to use Uponor LoopCAD to design radiant floor and snowmelt systems for residential and commercial applications.
Radiant Heating & Cooling | 1 day |   $149

This in-depth two-day course is designed for plumbing professionals, installers, designers and engineers interested in Uponor's PEX-a piping systems for commercial applications that have traditionally been installed with copper, steel, or CPVC piping.

Commercial Plumbing & Hydronic Piping | 2 days |   $249
This one-day training shows how to install AquaSAFE™, Uponor’s Residential fire sprinkler system.
Fire Safety | 1 day |   $149