Archived Documents

Archived U.S. Warranties

Plumbing Systems Warranty (U.S.) - Effective Oct. 15, 2012
Plumbing and Residential Fire Safety Systems Warranty (U.S.) - Effective Oct. 15, 2012
Plumbing Systems Warranty (U.S.) - Effective Sept. 6, 2006
PROadvantage Elite Heating Warranty (U.S.) - Effective Oct. 15, 2012
Non-PROadvantage Elite Heating Warranty (U.S.) - Effective Oct. 15, 2012
Radiant Rollout Mat Warranty (U.S.) - Oct. 15, 2012
Radiant Rollout Mat Warranty (U.S.) - Nov. 15, 2013
Pre-insulated Pipe Systems (Ecoflex) (U.S.) - Effective Oct. 22, 2015

Archived Bulletins

420 Thermostat Technical Bulletin
422 Thermostat Technical Bulletin
514 Zone Control System Technical Bulletin
DuoMix 201 Remote Display Technical Bulletin
T86H Thermostat Technical Bulletin

Archived Guides and Manuals

421 Clock Thermostat Operating and Fitting Instructions
BOILERpro 612 Installation Manual
Climate Control Multi-function Installation and Operation Manual
Climate Control Multi-function Installation Addendum
Climate Control Network Thermostat Installation and Operation Manual
Climate Control Network Thermostat User Manual
Climate Control Zoning I System Installation Guide
DT10 Thermostat Installation Instructions
DT20 Thermostat Installation Instruction Sheet
DuoMix 201 Installation Manual
Floating Action Valve Instruction Sheet
Genius Installation Manual
Outdoor Air Sensor Instruction Sheet
proMIX 101 (First Generation) Installation Manual
proMIX 101 Installation Manual
proMIX 201 Installation Manual
proMIX 212 Installation Manual
proMIX 701 Installation Manual
proPANEL Series Installation Manual
Remote Display Data Guide
Remote Start-Stop Module Instruction Sheet
Snowmelt Enable Kit Instruction Sheet
SNOWpro 411 Installation Manual
SNOWpro 411 Sensor Data Guide
SYSTEMpro 311 Installation Manual
TA Manifold Installation Guide
TruFLOW Sr. Instruction Guide
Wirsbo Zone Control System Information Guide
WT 1 & 2 Thermostats Instruction Manual
WT 3 Thermostat Instruction Manual
FlowMaster Jr. Instruction Sheet
ProPEX Battery Expander Tool Installation Guide
FlowMaster User Manual
MultiPress Battery Tool Istallation Guide
ProPEX 100 Battery Expander Tool Operation Manual
ProPEX 200 Battery Expander Tool Operation Manual
ProPEX Air Expander Tool Installation Guide
Radiant Ready 30E Installation Guide
Radiant Ready 30E Installation Guide (French)
Radiant Ready 30E Instruction Sheet
Radiant Ready 30E Instruction Sheet (French)

Archived Specs and Submittals

A207150x Brass Manifold Mounting Bracket Submittal
proMIX 101 Submittal
proMIX 201 Submittal
proMIX 212 Submittal
Q6272000 ProPEX® 201 Corded Expander Tool
Q5930500 ProPEX Washer Box
SNOWpro 411 Submittal
SYSTEMpro 311 Submittal
A9013062 Automatic Snow and Ice Sensor Assembly, 60-ft. lead
A9012010 Boiler Relay, On-Off
Q751xxxx ProPEX Fire Sprinkler Adapter
A9012020 Boiler Relay, Modulating 0-10 VDC
Q75xxx50 ProPEX Fire Sprinkler Adapter Elbow
A90300xx Cat5 Patch Cable
Q752xxxx ProPEX Fire Sprinkler Adapter Tees
A8020000 Climate Cŏntrol Multifunction Hydronic Control
A901000x Climate Cŏntrol Network System Control Cabinet
A3600254 Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System Outdoor Sensor
A3600010 Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System Slab Sensor
A541xxxx Differential Pressure By-pass Valve
A36010xx Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System Starter Kit
A9011500 Digital Zone Control Module (DZCM)
A9012002 Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Tank Sensor, 10k
Q491xxxx ProPEX Ball Valve, PEX to PEX
A9012003 Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Sensor, 10k
A3600x75 Climate Cŏntrol Zoning Thermostat (T-75)
A9013001 Dual Sensor, Supply and Return, 10k
Q4743850 ProPEX Brass Elbow with MIP
A3600054 Climate Cŏntrol Zoning Thermostat (T-54)
A9010530 Flush-mount Thermostat, Horizontal Display
A9010520 Flush-mount Thermostat, Vertical Display
A9011100 Furnace and Air Conditioning (FAC) Control
A3010522 Thermal Actuator, four-wire
A9011600 Generic Input and Output (GIO) Control
A303011x Isolation Card (24VAC), Single and Triple
A9011200 Heat-recovery Ventilator (HRV) Control
A3020522 Motorized Valve Actuator (MVA)
A3010522 Thermal Actuator, four-wire
A9063020 Modulating Valve Control, 0-10V
A307052x MVA Zone Valve
A9012004 System Pressure Sensor, On-Off
A9011002 Network Wire Converter
A9011003 Network Y-connector
A9012005 Outdoor Air Sensor, 10k
A9012000 Primary Equipment Control (PEC)
A9013030 Pump Relay, On-Off
A9011000 Router Main Control (RTR)
A3040512 SetPoint 512 Controller
A3041501 Single-stage Setpoint Controller with Floor Sensor
A901305x Snow-melt Control
A9013061 Snow-melt Control with Slab Sensor, 60-ft. lead
A9013060 Snow-melt Rough-in Kit and Well
A9013053 Snow-melt Slab Sensor (10k), replacement part
A9013000 Supply Water Temperature (SWT) Control
A9010510 Surface-mount Thermostat, Vertical Display
A303010x Thermostat
A9010501 Thermal Valve Actuator with Molex Plug
A901302x Three-way Modulating Valve with Control
A9070000 Touch Panel Interface
A9090000 Uponor Configuration Tool (UCT) 1.0 Software Package
A9013040 Variable Speed Pump Control, Modulating 0-10VDC
A9010201 VOC-CO2 Indoor Air Quality Sensor
A9010540 Wall Sensor, No Display
A9014000 Zone Pump Control
A9011400 Zone Valve and Damper (ZVD) Control

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