Permafrost Prevention
Permafrost Prevention
Use Uponor radiant heating systems to protect foundations from permafrost damage
Commercial plumbing high-rise
Commercial Plumbing
Uponor PEX-a tubing is the core of our reliable plumbing system.
Drinking Water
Lead-free Plumbing
Uponor is again leading the way in revolutionary technology with the introduction of the first ever complete lead-free* plumbing system offering.
Pre-insulated Pipe Systems
Uponor’s pre-insulated pipe systems offer flexible, plastic distribution piping for a variety of hydronic heating, cooling and potable-water applications.
Commercial building installing radiant heating and cooling
Radiant Cooling
Radiant cooling has gained popularity in Europe and North America because it offers the potential to reduce cooling energy consumption and peak cooling loads.
Clear sidewalks are a breeze with Uponor's Snow and Ice Melting System
Snow and Ice Melting
Uponor’s Snow and Ice Melting System provides a practical alternative for homeowners, business owners and property owners who don’t have the time, money or energy to bother with snow removal.
Turf conditioning installation
Turf Conditioning
Uponor’s Turf Conditioning System is a must for teams that want to play outdoors on natural grass fields in climates where the ground is subject to freezing.

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