Quik Trak®

Quik Trak®

Quik Trak® is a fast and easy way to install radiant heating in new and retrofit construction. Quik Trak is a system of plywood panels (7" W x 48" L x ½" H) attached to an aluminum transfer sheet. A groove down the center of the panel holds 5⁄16" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing. To facilitate tubing turns, the Quik Trak system includes return panels with U-shaped grooves. This ensures total Quik Trak coverage as well as the proper turning radius. However, the best part about Quik Trak is its super-low, ½" profile, which allows radiant heating installation in remodeling or retrofit projects without having to alter doors, moldings or baseboards.

Preassembled Panels for Quicker Installs

To make installation even quicker, Uponor provides six assembled Quik Trak panels slightly staggered to fit easily together. The panels are fastened together with reinforced strapping tape to provide a strong, secure link.


Key Benefits

• Low, ½" panels; thinnest on the market
• No need to alter doors, moldings or baseboards
• Holds 5⁄16" Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing
• Provides low thermal mass for fast response
• Quickly and easily installed over a wood subfloor
• Less burden on construction schedules vs. gypsum overpour

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