Miller Bonded, Inc. Case Study
Albuquerque NM

Radiant Rollout Mat Installation

Miller Bonded, Inc.

When it came time to choose the most efficient and labor-saving heating system to install in their 15,000-square-foot pipe fabrication shop, Miller Bonded, Inc. (MBI), a mechanical and plumbing contracting company in Albuquerque, chose Uponor’s Radiant Rollout™ Mat.

The Radiant Rollout Mat features a custom-designed, prefabricated network of Uponor PEX-a crosslinked polyethylene tubing for a fast, efficient and consistent method to install radiant heating and cooling systems in large commercial areas. Using the mats offers up to 85% reduction in installation time — often reducing the tubing installation time from weeks to days. And because the mats are pre-pressurized, it provides a dependable commissioning of the hydronic radiant system.

“We chose the Radiant Rollout Mat simply because we wanted to save money on the installation,” says Steve Zamora, piping foreman, MBI. “One of the main benefits of using the Radiant Rollout Mat is the time savings. Anytime you can get a product installed faster, you're going to make the contractor money.”

Significant Time Savings

Zamora estimates that the new mat system was about five times faster than the conventional way of installing a radiant heating system. Bobby Roberts, journeyman plumber with MBI, is a big fan of how fast it installs. “The mat cut our time down quite a bit,” he says. “It really saves on labor; I think it's going to catch on pretty good.” Roberts adds that what would have normally taken them a couple of weeks to loop and tie down only took about eight hours with the Radiant Rollout Mat.

Zamora also appreciated how user-friendly it was to install. He says the design was straightforward and easy to understand – showed all the different zones and manifold locations. He also appreciated that all the parts were labeled properly so that when they came off the truck, his team was able to easily and quickly reference the submittal sheet to match up the parts and locations.

“When I arrived on the jobsite, it was real easy to unload,” he says. “The mats are lightweight. We put them on a forklift and drove them out to where we could stage them. And then we just rolled them out.” He adds that the mats were also easy to roll out and secure. “The speed that we did all this and the amount of area that we covered was phenomenal.”

An additional benefit to the Radiant Rollout Mat is that installers do not have to follow the iron workers with the rebar. “We didn't have to step through rebar squares and bend over to attach it,” he says. “It was much better on the back.”

The simplicity of installation also made Earl Freeman’s job much easier. He is owner of Freeman's Finest Construction, general contractor for the LEED® Gold project. “The speed of installation helped me considerably since now I can schedule a job and know that if I use these mats that the job will be completed quickly,” he says. “I'm sold on this type of radiant heat mat and will definitely use this product in the future.”

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Project Highlights

• Pipe fabrication facility
• LEED® Gold project
• Features Uponor Radiant Rollout™ Mats
• Installed radiant system five times faster

Project Data

• 15,000 square feet
• 1½" and 2" Wirsbo hePEX™ for mat distribution piping
• ¾" Wirsbo hePEX for conventional radiant floor heating (break room and restrooms)
• Uponor TruFLOW™ Manifolds

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