Quik Trak Installation Featured in Today's Homeowner

Training Philosophy

A training class with Wes Sisco is not an experience that you'll forget quickly. He balances a wealth of plumbing and heating knowledge with his quick wit. "We are serious about our business, but we also want to make sure people have a good time and enjoy themselves while they're learning," he says. And Wes is an expert at mixing technical information with laughter and fun – creating a perfect setting for his particular training style.

From Trinidad to Maryland, Wes has spent years helping contractors and builders become experts on Uponor’s lines of plumbing, fire safety and radiant heating systems. He is as comfortable in front of a camera demonstrating how to install Quik Trak® panels as he is on a construction site showing how to install our tubing. “What better way to serve our customers than to share our knowledge and experience with them, whether in a classroom setting or a jobsite,” Sisco says.

Pool Anyone?

With a busy career and lots of traveling, Wes Sisco spends his free time with his family. But he also harbors a secret passion for shooting pool. “I love a good game of pool,” he says. “I liken it to a chess game where strategy is king.”

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Professional Experience

• More than 20 years experience
• 12 plus years with Uponor
• Trained hundreds of contractors
• Contributing expert for trade publications