Steve Swanson

The Fun Factor

With 35 years of training experience Steve Swanson has learned that the most important lesson is to never lose sight of the fun factor. “If it’s not fun, nobody’s learning, and there’s no sense in doing it,” he says. He sees training as an opportunity to build new skills that lead people to more rewarding jobs and careers. “Learning is like rowing upstream,” he says. “If you stop, you go backward.”

Steve Swanson provides in-depth and specialized training in the areas of Uponor’s radiant heating, plumbing and fire safety systems, and takes great pride in breaking complicated procedures down into understandable sections. Based in Apple Valley, Minn., his focus is to design, develop and perform product and system training and education programs for installers, manufacturer reps and distributors.

Storm Chaser

When not immersed in Uponor training, Steve Swanson enjoys life with his wife, five grown daughters and 15 grandchildren. And when the occasional gigantic storm hits Minnesota, he loves getting into his car to give chase “so that I can see and feel the powerful forces of Mother Nature.”


Professional Experience

• 35 years of hydronic and steam-heating experience
• Speaking and training in 22 states
• Developed curriculum for hydronic heating seminars
• license training for State of Minnesota boilers license
• Lifetime Achievement Award for training and curriculum development