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Climate Cŏntrol Multifunction Hydronic Controller

Climate Cŏntrol™ Multifunction Controller

The Climate Cŏntrol™ Multifunction is a hydronic controller that offers a dramatically streamlined, less time-intensive approach to installing controls for radiant heating and cooling systems. Instead of creating specific individual controls for domestic hot water, mixing, snowmelt, boiler staging and zone pumping, all of these and other functionalities can now be handled by this single, easy-to-use, programmable control.

One Control, Added Simplicity

The Multifunction Controller eliminates the need for multiple controls on a wall and all the accompanying wiring complexity, reducing product costs as well as design and installation time. Designed to replace the Uponor pro Series line of temperature controls, the controller features simple, plug-and-play Cat5e wiring for sensors and connection boxes, rather than conventional multi-strand thermostat wire. As a result, it is also more consistent with current home-installation practices.

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Key Features

• Provides one interface for multiple controls
• Simplifies system design and installation
• Plug-and-play design means no wiring
• Saves up to one-third the installation time
• Upgrade in the field without removing control from system
• Allows equipment and technology adaptations

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