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1" AquaPEX tubing from Uponor

Uponor AquaPEX® Tubing

For more than 20 years, Uponor AquaPEX® has been the gold standard for flexible, durable, easy-to-install PEX plumbing systems. Uponor AquaPEX is Engel-method, PEX-a crosslinked polyethylene tubing that offers the highest degree of crosslinking (around 85%) for unmatched flexibility, durability, kink resistance and freeze resistance in the residential and commercial plumbing world. And because it’s not a metal, AquaPEX is immune to the corrosion, pitting, scaling and lead-level concerns that can plague alternative plumbing systems.

Leave Rigid Plumbing Products Behind

Because of its flexibility, Uponor PEX-a tubing is faster and easier to install, requires fewer fittings (up to 40% fewer to be exact), and saves incredible labor time (which can equal greater savings for you). And AquaPEX uses Uponor’s ProPEX® cold-expansion fittings for strong, durable connections that hold tight with up to 1,000 pounds of force — without the need for torches, glues, solvents or gauges — and with no dry-fitting concerns.

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Key Benefits

• Highest degree of crosslinking
• Won’t pit, scale or corrode
• Highly freeze-resistant
• Eliminates lead-level concerns
• Uses Uponor ProPEX® fittings
• No torches, glues, solvents or dry-fit concerns
• Flexible, reduces connections by 40%
• Backed by a 25-year limited warranty

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