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Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System Components

Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System

The Climate Cŏntrol™ Zoning System uses the latest wireless technology for complete radiant control in every room of a home or building — offering users a system that is more convenient to control and requires less time for contractors to set up and install. The complete system consists of a base unit, an interface and thermostats (purchased separately). The base unit uses a special radio protocol to connect individual room thermostats to it. The interface module allows occupants to view temperatures and settings of any room from a single location, as well as set vacation and setback schedules for the entire system without having to go to each thermostat.

Zoning System Starter Kit

The Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System starter kit comes with one C-55 radio-controlled module (the base unit), an I-75 interface, an external and removable antenna, connection cables, mounting accessories, installation instructions and a user manual. The base unit typically mounts near the radiant system manifolds, and can accommodate up to 12 thermostats and control up to 14 thermal actuators (purchased separately). Additional base units can be linked together for installations requiring more than one manifold or more than 12 thermostats. The I-75 interface can control up to three base units and be programmed for up to five temperature setbacks.

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Key Features

• State-of-the-art wireless communication technology
• Provides an ideal solution for retrofits and remodels
• No thermostat wiring necessary
• Speeds installation in new construction
• Operates 12 thermostats and 14 actuators per control module

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