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2" Uponor AquaPEX® Tubing

2" Uponor AquaPEX® Tubing

Uponor’s 2" AQUAPEX® tubing provides commercial installers with a fast, easy and affordable alternative to copper and CPVC for residential and commercial plumbing applications. Proven with more than 20 years of consistent, reliable service, Uponor AquaPEX is the gold standard for plumbing professionals requiring a product that can meet their needs, their application and their budget.

Comprehensive 2" Fitting Offering

To ensure consistent, reliable service from your 2" Uponor AquaPEX plumbing system, we also provide a comprehensive offering of ProPEX fittings in both engineered plastic (EP) as well as brass to effectively meet any need. Additionally, we also carry a 2" Uponor AquaPEX Expansion Joint Kit to help bring your project together seamlessly and professionally.

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Key Features

• Durable PEX-a won’t pit, scale, corrode
• Features ProPEX connections
• No torches, glues, solvents or gauges
• Eliminates dry-fitting concerns
• Highly freeze-resistant
• Eliminates lead-level concerns
• Flexible, reduces added connections
• Backed by a 25-year limited warranty

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