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Climate Cŏntrol Network System

Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System

The Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System is Uponor’s integrated hardware and software package that connects all of a structure’s heating, ventilation, humidification, air conditioning, domestic hot water and radiant components to a single system for better energy-efficiency, monitoring and control.

Greater Control = Greater Efficiency

When it comes to alternative heat sources, cheapest is solar, then geothermal, then boilers. Because Network can connect all these systems, it can see which is the most efficient and effective method for heating and activate it. The Network System also allows users the ability to change primary and secondary systems based on the time of year.

Remote System Connectivity

Users can make comfort control changes via Network’s slim, flush-mount wall thermostats, as well as through an optional high-definition touch panel interface or even a computer — both locally and remotely — with internet access to the entire system. The Network System also features an optional notification system which permits a service contractor to monitor and manage the customer’s network online, while making rapid-response changes to meet comfort needs.


The Network System supports:

• 99 hydronic zones
• 16 air zones
• 12 digital zone control modules
• 8 air handlers/furnaces/air conditioners
• 8 heat recovery ventilators
• 5 water temperatures
• 5 boilers
• 4 snow melt zones

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