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ProPEX Fittings

ProPEX® Engineered Plastic (EP) Fittings

Uponor’s engineered plastic (EP) fittings are manufactured from a high-performance, thermoplastic material that has superior mechanical, chemical and thermal properties which allow dimensional stability in demanding applications, including areas of high stress, heat and moisture. For more than 10 years, our EP fittings have been successfully used in residential and commercial applications, with millions of fittings in service.

Incredible Strength and Durability

EP is just as strong and durable as copper and brass, but offers greater resistance to harsh environments and is not subject to high price fluctuations like metal alternatives. Additionally, EP is highly durable in cold climates, where CPVC can crack and leak. Dependent on fitting size, EP is made from UDEL® polysulfone, Radel R® polyphenylsulfone or Acudel® modified polyphenylsulfone, which are part of a family of polymers that have been used successfully in the demanding environments of medical appliance, aerospace and plumbing for many years.


Key Features

• Resists high chlorine levels, UV light
• Won't pit, scale or corrode
• Features ProPEX fittings
• No torches, glues, solvents or gauges needed
• Holds tight with up to 1,000 pounds of force
• Addresses state lead-content initiatives
• Millions of fittings in service

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