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Ready for some treehouse envy?

March 2, 2015

Uponor rep Kelly Fahey and radiant floor heating featured on Treehouse Masters

Ready for some treehouse envy? A recent episode ofTreehouse Masters on the Animal Planet channel featured Uponor rep Kelly Fahey (PacWest Sales) and his family's new treehouse. The 20-foot Sky High Pirate Hideout comes with a very cool swinging bridge and Uponor's radiant floor heating. While they couldn't say Uponor by name, Fahey, his wife and Brett O'Connor did manage to get some key messages in about the comfort of radiant floor heating (much of what they said ended up on the cutting-room floor) and there is a quick shot of Uponor's Quik Trakā„¢. If you missed the episode, you canview it on YouTube and/or check out theirBehind the Build clips. You'll notice some of the construction/install scenes are a little out of order and that the host has some misconceptions about how radiant works, but overall, radiant heating definitely got some publicity.