CCN Manual

Climate Control Network System Manual

Table of Contents

CCN Manual Table of Contents

Getting Ready- Section 1

Section 1.1: System Introduction
Section 1.2: Hardware
Section 1.3: Preparation
Section 1.4: Installation Checklist
Section 1.5: Installing the Uponor Configuration Tool (UCT) Software
Section 1.6: Connecting to the Network System
Section 1.7: Uponor Configuration Tool (UCT) Elements

Navigating UCT-Section 2

Section 2.1: Main Menu Overview
Section 2.2: Basic System Setup
Section 2.3: Network Setup
Section 2.4: Setting the Date and Time
Section 2.5: Boilers
Section 2.6: Primary Pump
Section 2.7: Ground Source Heat Pumps
Section 2.8: Domestic Hot Water
Section 2.9: Water Temperature Mixing
Section 2.10: Zone Pumps
Section 2.11: Zone Valves
Section 2.12: Snow Melt
Section 2.13: Air Handlers
Section 2.14: Heat Recovery Ventilators
Section 2.15: Zone Dampers
Section 2.16: Generic Inputs and Outputs
Section 2.17: Schedules and Calendars

Thermostat Setup- Section 3

Section 3.1: Digital Zone Control Modules (DZCMs)
Section 3.2: Thermostat Status Tab
Section 3.3: Thermostat Setup Tab
Section 3.4: Thermostat Setup 2 Tab
Section 3.5: Thermostat Mode Tab
Section 3.6: Thermostat Setpoints Tab
Section 3.7: Thermostat Active Setpoints Tab
Section 3.8: Setting Up a Radiant Zone

General Maintenance- Section 4

Section 4.1: Calling Variables
Section 4.2: Alarms
Section 4.3: Main System Overview
Section 4.4: Devices Online
Section 4.5: Global Thermostat Settings
Section 4.6: Digital Zone Control Module (DZCM) Overview
Section 4.7: System Reports
Section 4.8: Additional Changes
Section 4.9: Device Versions

Utilities- Section 5

Section 5.1: Save To and Load From Flash
Section 5.2: Upgrading Network System Firmware
Section 5.3: Saving and Loading Databases

Reference- Section 6

Section 6.1: Local Area Network (LAN) Configuration
Section 6.2: Network Addressing and BACnet Object Definitions
Section 6.3: Using UCT for Remote Access
Section 6.4: Touch Panel Interface (TPI) User Manual
Section 6.5: Wiring Alternatives


A1: Power Supply Requirements for Main Cabinet Controls
A2: Maximum Wiring Lengths by Wire Type
A.5: Making Cat5 Cables
A.6: Wiring Templates
A.7: System Points Addressing
A.8: DZCM Setup Sheet

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