Tool Depot Overview
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Tooling Service Policy Statement

The Uponor Tool Depot (Depot) has been established in the United States to provide maintenance and repair of Uponor tools that are used for installation of the company’s crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing systems. It is Uponor’s goal to provide tools which are reliable, safe and suitable for the intended purpose. Nonetheless, proper ongoing maintenance and repair of the tools is needed to assure that they continue to operate in the intended manner. As such, Uponor recommends that installation tools undergo annual service and testing at the Depot.

If repair is required and the tool is sent to the Depot, Uponor will attempt to repair the tool and restore it to a normal operating order. When a tool is received at the Depot, it is our intent to complete any necessary repairs and return it the owner within ten (10) business days after receipt at the Depot.

If a tool that is sent to the Depot is found to need repairs due to defects in materials and/or workmanship, and if such defects occur during the tool’s warranty period, the tool will be repaired and returned to the owner at no cost to the owner. If a tool cannot be repaired, and it is still in its warranty period, a suitable equivalent replacement will be provided to the owner at no charge.

If a tool is sent to the Depot for repairs after the expiration of its warranty period and/or if the tool’s operation has been impaired due to negligence or misuse by the owner, the tool will be repaired, if possible, in accordance with the Depot’s repair fee schedule and with the owner’s prior oral or written consent.

Tools sent to the Depot for routine maintenance, other than as required due to a defect in material and/or workmanship, are subject to the Depot’s fee schedule whether or not the tool is still in its warranty period.

Uponor accepts no responsibility for a tool which has been misused, used for applications other than those for which it was intended or has been exposed to excessive load or adverse environmental conditions. If it is determined that previous attempts to repair a tool have been undertaken by someone other than a trained service agent, and if those attempted repairs have made the tool inoperable or unserviceable, the tool warranty will be voided.


  1. Enter all required fields.
      • Note that if that if the tool you are attempting to return is not available under the drop down menu, it is no longer serviceable by the Tool Depot.
    • Press the "Continue" Button.
    • Review your request summary for accuracy.
    • If all information is correct, press "Complete". If you need to make a change, press "Edit," and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.
    • Print two copies of the summary/confirmation form.
    • Enclose a copy of the form and a proof-of-purchase (may be a scan of the original invoice) in the package with the returned tools.
        • Note: If the tool is no longer under the warranty period, please include the proper payment by providing your credit card information on the Tool Return Form, or by contacting Uponor Technical Service at (888) 594-7726.
      • Credit cards are the only acceptable form of payment.
      • Keep one copy for your records.
      • Ship tools freight prepaid to the address at the bottom of the return form.
      • Uponor will inspect the tool and determine which service is necessary. Tools under warranty will be repaired in accordance with the Uponor Tooling Service Policy. Tools not covered under warranty will be repaired if accompanied by the proper payment.
      • Uponor will return your repaired tool or a refurbished tool after the Uponor Tool Depot receives the part (generally within two weeks). Uponor pays for shipping costs to return the tool to you via UPS ground service.

      Tool Depot Repair Guidelines

      • Uponor does not repair the following parts. Contact your local distributor for warranty replacements.
        • Tool Batteries
        • Battery Chargers
        • Expander Heads
        • Tool Cases
      • Please send only the component(s) in question. Do not send your entire kit.
        • For example, when sending a battery tool in for repair, send only the tool and case. Do not send the heads, battery charger and batteries.
        • If items are included with the kit, identify the items on the form separately to ensure they are returned to you.
        • If you require service on the additional components, please indicate in the additional available service item lines on the form.
      • Please enter only one tool per item line.
      • There are only six item lines available on the form. If you are returning more than six different products, you must complete another form.
      • Select eligible tools and products from the drop-down list on the form. If the product is not on the list, it is not eligible for service via the Tool Depot. Contact your local distributor to purchase a replacement.
      • Tools that are outside of the warranty period or deemed to have been misused or damaged require a nominal payment to affect repairs. Please refer to the Tool Depot fee schedule for the proper payment.
      • Ship all tools freight prepaid. Uponor does not accept freight-collect shipments on tools.
      • Uponor will ship the repaired tool or a refurbished tool generally within two weeks after it is received by the Tool Depot.
      • Uponor covers the return shipping expense via UPS ground.

      For status updates, or general information and questions contact Uponor Technical Services toll-free at (888) 594-7726 or

      Tool Depot Repair Fee Schedule

      Out of warranty service is applicable to all tools older than 24 months from the date of purchase (Proof of purchase required).

      Please remit payment when returning a tool that is not covered under warranty according to the following fee schedule.

      Tool Type Service Fee UPS Ground 2-Day Overnight
      Manual $30 included $30 $60
      Air $60 included $40 $75
      Electric $120 included $75 $125
      Hydraulic $150 included $90 $140

      Repair fees include return shipping via UPS ground delivery for US orders. Expedited return delivery is available for an additional fee as indicated above.

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