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Case Study
Wilshire Grand

Los Angeles, CA

An Uponor radiant cooling system keeps the integrity of the world’s largest concrete pour for the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

Case Study
Katy ISD schools

Katy, TX

The 80,000-student Katy, Texas, Independent School District (ISD) switches its spec to PEX for plumbing the district’s new schools.

Case Study
The Homestead of Rochester

Rochester, MN

The Homestead of Rochester, Minn., added a four-story building and three single-story wings to an existing retirement complex, including a plumbing and hydronic piping system from Uponor.

Case Study
The Wick Tower

Youngstown, OH

Old historic building is rehabilitated into apartment units with modern amenities, including a hydronic heating and cooling distribution system from Uponor.

Case Study
UCLA Wasserman Eye Research Center

Los Angeles, CA

The Wasserman Eye Research Center on the UCLA campus is designed to preserve and restore eyesight, and Uponor provided the radiant heating and cooling system to the LEED®-Silver certified facility.

Case Study
Aloft Tulsa Downtown Hotel

Tulsa, OK

Former Tulsa City Hall is transformed to a trendy downtown hotel complete with new plumbing and hydronic distribution piping systems from Uponor.

Case Study
Apartments on Esperanza Crossing

Austin, TX

Two new apartment complexes in The Domain shopping district in Austin, Texas, used Ecoflex® from Uponor to connect from underground pipes to riser locations within the buildings.

Case Study
Arbor Crossing Apartments

Madison, WI

On Madison’s west side, amid shopping and recreation, a new apartment complex boasts impressive floor plans, modern conveniences and plumbing and radiant heating systems from Uponor.

Case Study
Aurora Micro Apartments

Shoreline, WA

New six-story micro apartments receive an Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing system

Case Study
Avalon Bay Apartments

Alderwood, WA

Six new apartment buildings, originally designed for CPVC, become a PEX project and include an Uponor Logic Plumbing System.

Case Study
Bellevue Towers

Bellevue, WA

Home to shopping, restaurants and luxury living, the Bellevue Towers are LEED®-Gold certified and include a plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
Belmont University Academic Center

Nashville, TN

New student housing to feature Uponor PEX-a plumbing and a chilled beam cooling system utilizing Uponor's AquaPEX tubing.

Case Study
The Boulton River Heights Retirement Community

Winnpeg, MB

A senior living complex in Winnipeg upgrades to an Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing system to replace a failing copper plumbing system

Case Study
Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Fairbanks, Alaska

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) Research and Testing Facility in Fairbanks is the farthest-north LEED® Platinum building in the world. It is a living laboratory for arctic building science and it includes a radiant system and hydronic distribution piping from Uponor.

Case Study
Colorado State University Power House

Fort Collins, CO

A new Colorado State University research facility takes advantage of Uponor’s PEX-a pipe for the building’s plumbing, radiant heating and cooling and hydronic distribution piping.

Case Study
Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative

Minneapolis, MN

A University of Minnesota student housing community turns to Uponor’s AquaPEX® and Ecoflex® for its distribution piping system when replacing outdated boilers with highly efficient condensing boilers.

Case Study
DeChantal Apartments

Saranac Lake, NY

Solving leaky copper pipe problem with an Uponor PEX solution

Case Study
Delta Electronics (Americas)

Fremont, CA

A warehouse and office campus that originally specified a conventional radiant tubing installation changed to Uponor’s Radiant Rollout™ Mat to meet a tight construction schedule.

Case Study
Downtown Hotel

Atlanta, GA

A luxurious high-rise in downtown Atlanta is home to condos, retail shopping and high-end hotel rooms. Plumbed by Comfort Systems USA, it includes a PEX-a system from Uponor.

Case Study
Episcopal Homes

Burnsville, MN

Senior housing expansion project in St. Paul, Minn., takes advantage of Uponor PEX for its Plumbing and Hydronic Systems.

Case Study
Fairway Village

Austin, TX

A complex re-piping job in Austin, Texas, apartment building takes advantage of Uponor's pre-insulated Ecoflex® piping for both its hydronic and potable hot-water retrofit systems.

Case Study
George Fox University Dorms

Newberg, OR

College dorm radiators breathe new life — and energy savings — with a new PEX hydronic distribution piping system from Uponor.

Case Study
Hampton Inn & Suites

Schaumburg, IL

A new Hampton Inn & Suites includes a PEX plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
Homewood Suites

Dallas, TX

A vacant office building is transformed into a Homewood Suites hotel in Dallas, and Uponor provided the PEX-a piping for the plumbing and HVAC systems of the hotel renovation.

Case Study
Loring Park Tower

Minneapolis, MN

A 36-story apartment high rise in downtown Minneapolis finds great time savings on installation and testing with an Uponor PEX Plumbing System.

Case Study
Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs

Wilkes -Barre, PA

A world-renowned casino and live harness racing venue adds a new hotel and convention center featuring Uponor plumbing systems to its entertainment paradise.

Case Study
North Carolina State University Housing

Raleigh, NC

Six new buildings featuring Uponor PEX-a Plumbing Systems provide state-of-the-art housing for students on the North Carolina State University campus

Case Study
The Residence Inn

Kingston, NY

A new hotel near the Hudson River gets a durable Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing system

Case Study
Robinson Packer Lofts

Tulsa, OK

A historic downtown building gets a modern facelift that includes a new PEX-a plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
San Diego State University Aztec Center

San Diego, CA

A new student union at San Diego State University incorporates green technologies, including Uponor radiant heating and cooling, to qualify for LEED®-Platinum certification.

Case Study
SIERR at McKinstry Station

Spokane, WA

A 1907 train repair depot receives a $20M renovation that includes Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling as well as Snow and Ice Melting Systems to achieve its energy-efficiency goals and meet LEED® Gold certification.

Case Study
SkyHouse Condominium Complex

Austin, TX

A large mechanical contractor converted from copper to Uponor PEX for a large, high-rise condominium in downtown Austin.

Case Study
Summerland Apartments

Winnipeg, MB

A 16-story multifamily complex repipes a failing galvanized pipe system with an Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing system.

Case Study
Terrazzo Building

Nashville, TN

The first LEED®-Certified building in Nashville used a plumbing system from Uponor to efficiently and affordably plum the facility.

Case Study
The Arts at Broussard Crossing

Lafayette, LA

A 184-unit apartment complex in Lafayette, LA replaces an old, leaky polybutylene plumbing system with Uponor PEX.

Case Study
The Banks in Riverdale

Saskatoon, SK

An innovative build with residential and commercial spaces finds its home in Saskatchewan with a new PEX plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
The Battery Social Club

San Francisco, CA

A refurbished building in San Francisco’s Jackson Square neighborhood receives new life as a LEED®-Silver social club for the city’s elite, complete with an Uponor plumbing system.

Case Study
The Cavalier Hotel

Virginia Beach, VA

A century-old hotel along the Eastern coastline receives a major renovation, including a new PEX plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
The Union at Dearborn

Dearborn, MI

Students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn enjoy contemporary student housing with a new $30 million urban campus community development that includes a hydronic distribution system from Uponor.

Case Study
Uponor Manufacturing Annex

Apple Valley, MN

Uponor's newest $18M manufacturing expansion pulls out all the stops with a highly efficient building and UPonor plumbing, radiant and snow melt systems.

Case Study
Vandever Historical Building

Tulsa, OK

An historic building in downtown Tulsa receives a complete facelift including a new plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts

Aurora, ON

A renovated schoolhouse transformed into chic lofts has Uponor PEX plumbing and hydronic piping systems.

Case Study
West Village Housing at Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX

Uponor is chosen for a new, two-building complex, the first ever PEX plumbing installation in the Texas Tech University system.

Case Study
Westin Hotel

Wilmington, DE

A run-down area of Wilmington has enjoyed a recent revival, including a new Westin hotel located among waterfront restaurants and shopping, and Uponor provided the PEX plumbing system for the new hotel.

Case Study
Wilfred Laurier University Dorms

Waterloo, ON

Wilfred Laurier University opts to retrofit their electric heating systems with Uponor PEX for hydronic piping in two campus residences.

Case Study
WinStar World Casino Hotel

Thackerville, OK

Two new hotel towers flank the existing WinStar World Casino and Resort, adding 1,000 new luxurious guest accommodations that include an Uponor PEX Plumbing System.

Case Study
Wolf Ridge Phase II

Finland, MN

A northern Minnesota environmental learning center chooses to install an additional Uponor Ecoflex® pre-insulated PEX pipe system nearly two decades after the first installation.

Case Study
American Swedish Institute

Minneapolis, MN

A historic renovation coupled with a new building brings an updated and modern twist to a gathering spot for locals and Nordic immigrants dating back to 1908. The LEED®-Gold project includes a snow melt and plumbing system from Uponor.

Case Study
Carleton College

Northfield, MN

When Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., built its two newest dormitories, they selected Uponor radiant floor heating for its cost-saving energy efficiency in delivering consistent and even temperatures to residents.

Case Study
Cooper Union

New York, NY

Cooper Union, a LEED®-Platinum project, takes advantage of Uponor’s radiant heating and cooling to keep temperatures comfortable and the building energy-efficient all year long.

Case Study
Colorado State University Library

Fort Collins, CO

When Colorado State University renovated the Morgan Library located in the heart of the campus, they included Uponor’s radiant heating and cooling system to keep the all-glass building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Case Study
David Brower Center

Berkeley, CA

Green from the ground up, this powerful model of LEED®-Platinum, sustainable, mixed-use development features the latest in energy-saving technologies and recycled building materials.

Case Study
Hearst Tower

Manhattan, New York

The Hearst Tower in Manhattan is the first New York City commercial building with a radiant heating and cooling system – a system provided by Uponor.

Case Study
IDeAS Headquarters

San Jose, CA

A design services company transformed its 1960s-era office building into a net-zero energy, zero carbon emissions space that marries comfort with sustainable design techniques and technologies.

Case Study
Mayo Hotel

Tulsa, OK

The recently renovated Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Okla., is an example of how to preserve historical details while adding modern and unique features, including a new plumbing and distribution piping system from Uponor.

Case Study
Normand Maurice Building

Montreal, QC

When the Public Works Governmental Services Canada (PWGSC) built its 169,000-square-foot headquarters, Uponor provided radiant heating, cooling and snow melt systems to help the project meet LEED Gold building requirements.

Case Study
Park Valley Assisted Living

Round Rock, TX

A luxurious 90,000-square-foot senior community turns to Uponor PEX-a to help facilitate a faster install for an overhead commercial plumbing application.

Case Study
Pier 15 Exploratorium

San Francisco, CA

At the heart of San Francisco’s waterfront, the newly renovated Exploratorium at Pier 15 features an Uponor radiant system that carries water from the bay to 82 different heating and cooling zones.

Case Study
Polit Farms

Maxwell, CA

Polit Farms used Uponor’s Radiant Rollout™ Mat for the radiant heating and cooling system in their new storage facility in Northern California.

Case Study
Radisson Blu Mall of America®

Bloomington, MN

A 570,000-square-foot, 13-story hotel finds significant labor and cost savings with Uponor PEX-a Plumbing Systems featuring Uponor AquaPEX® tubing and ProPEX® expansion fittings.

Case Study
Northstar Commuter Rail Platform

Ramsey, MN

The newly completed Northstar commuter rail offers convenience and connections to one of the fastest growing suburbs in Minneapolis, and it includes a snowmelt system from Uponor.

Case Study
San Jose Civic Center

San Jose, CA

A 550,000-square-foot, $340-million complex features Uponor radiant heating and cooling to add comfort and efficiency to this LEED®-Platinum project.

Case Study
Snow-free Playgrounds

Steamboat Springs, CO

A school district adds a snow melt system from Uponor to keep two local playgrounds free of snow and ice during the long winter months.

Case Study
Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. Hall

Davis, CA

UC Davis’ 823,000-square-foot business school has become a symbol of how sustainable building practices can meet customer needs and increase profits while solving environmental problems.

Case Study
University of Louisville

Louisville, KY

When the University of Louisville decided to build two new buildings for student housing, they turned to Uponor’s PEX-a plumbing system for one of the buildings and found it to be a faster, better system compared to CPVC.

Case Study
Water + Life Museums

Hemet, CA

Two nonprofits join to create public exhibitions and offices demonstrating their commitment to sustainability that includes a radiant heating and cooling system from Uponor.

Case Study
West Bristol School

Bristol, CT

Buried beneath the athletic fields of this brand new K-8 school are geothermal wells that, with the help of Uponor’s Wirsbo hePEX™ tubing, transport water to heat transfer pumps that heat and cool the building.

Case Study
Western Oregon University

Monmouth, OR

Western Oregon University Health and Wellness Center uses Uponor's Radiant Rollout™ Mats to quickly and efficiently install their radiant heating and cooling system.

Case Study
Kansas University GSP Hall

Lawrence, KS

A dormitory on the Kansas University campus receives new life with a complete renovation, including an Uponor PEX plumbing re-pipe.

Case Study
Quail Hollow Condominiums

Charlotte, NC

A condominium community frustrated with a leaking, outdated, steel-pipe district energy system benefits from the insulation properties, durability and flexibility of Uponor’s Ecoflex® pre-insulated pipe system.

Case Study
Hall Winery

St. Helena, CA

A Napa Valley winery achieves LEED® Gold status incorporating an Uponor radiant heating and cooling system

Case Study
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Golden, CO

The nation’s first federal laboratory dedicated to the research and development of renewable and energy-efficient technologies uses Uponor radiant heating and cooling to achieve its energy-neutral goals

Case Study

Las Vegas, NV

The $8.5 billion MGM Mirage CityCenter™ is currently the largest privately funded construction project in the United States, and two properties, Crystals and Veer Towers, feature Uponor radiant heating and cooling

Case Study
Ballard Manor Retirement Home

Seattle, WA

Residents of a retirement community appreciate the comfort of radiant heat, and building owners enjoy the energy savings

Case Study
Bandimere Speedway

Arvada, CO

An Uponor radiant system provides the world’s largest track cooling system for a Colorado quarter-mile raceway

Case Study
California Academy of Sciences

San Francisco, CA

Instead of a 30 to 40 horsepower fan moving warm or cool air all day long, the system moves warm water with a five-horsepower pump. Radiant is very efficient.

Case Study
Coborn’s, Inc.

St. Joseph, MN

A grocery store chain finds installation efficiency and value engineering with an underground Uponor PEX plumbing system

Case Study
Ferreira Construction Company

Branchburg, NJ

A New Jersey bridge and road construction company installs Uponor radiant floor heating powered by solar panels to achieve an energy-efficient system

Case Study
Good Fellowship Ambulance Station

West Chester, PA

A heating contractor recommends Uponor radiant floor heating for an ambulance station in West Chester, Penn.

Case Study
Henri Studio

Wauconda, IL

Warehouse owner chooses radiant heating and snow and ice melting and saves over $18,000 in energy costs in one year

Case Study
Hunter Museum of American Art

Chattanooga, TN

Tennessee museum displays comfort with Uponor radiant floor heating and cooling

Case Study
Hutterite Colony

Winnipeg, MB

The Blumengart Hutterite Colony found Uponor Ecoflex® pre-insulated pipe a durable solution to distribute water from a central heat plant to their livestock barns

Case Study
Manitoba Hydro Place

Winnipeg, MB

Renewable sources and Uponor’s radiant heating and cooling system provide comfort for occupants throughout an 18-floor electric and natural gas utility building

Case Study
Miller Bonded, Inc. Case Study

Albuquerque, NM

A mechanical and plumbing contracting company installs the Uponor Radiant Rollout™ Mat in their 15,000-square-foot pipe fabrication shop

Case Study
Mountain Equipment Co-op

Montreal, QC

Retail store chooses radiant floor heating and cooling to align with environmental strategies

Case Study
New Richland Bus Garage

New Richland, MN

A Minnesota school district chooses Uponor radiant floor heating for an economical and effective way to heat the bus fleet

Case Study
Palliser Furniture

Winnipeg, MA

A Canadian furniture company chooses Uponor radiant floor heating for their 700,000-square-foot facility expansion

Case Study
Pat’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Oconomowoc, WI

A contractor is so impressed with Uponor radiant floor heating, he decides to install it in his new headquarters facility

Case Study
Shell Aero Centre

Calgary, AB

A contractor installs an energy-efficient radiant heating system in three airplane hangars

Case Study
Stanford University Children’s Center

Palo Alto, CA

Children’s Center in Palo Alto, Calif., finds radiant provides a clean, comfortable environment for happier, healthier kids

Case Study
Sun Prairie Apartment Complexes

Sun Prairie, WI

A building developer in Wisconsin insists upon Uponor radiant floor heating for his two new apartment complexes

Case Study
Toyota Park

Chicago, IL

An Uponor turf-conditioning system keeps a pro soccer field player-friendly all year round

Case Study
Urban Outfitters’ Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

A clothing and home accessories company looks to Uponor for an energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling system

Case Study
Vancouver High Rises

Vancouver, BC

Mechanical contractor finds numerous benefits using Uponor AquaPEX® over copper for plumbing

Case Study
Westin Ski Resort

Whistler, BC

Luxury Canadian ski resort incorporates Uponor snow and ice melting system to keep pool deck safe and clean during winter months

Case Study
Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

Finland, MN

A K-12 school and outdoor learning center finds Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe superior to the previous rigid pipe used in their district heating system

Case Study
Wormley Row

Washington, DC

A 125-year-old landmark school building turned luxury condominium complex features Uponor radiant floor heating

Case Study
Abbey of Praglia

Teolo, Italy

Selected for maximum flessibility and durability, Uponor's preinsulated pipes connect the wood chip boiler to the pump unit located within the abbey perimeter.

Case Study
Al-Kalaa Hotel

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Uponor provides the world's largest hotel and shopping mall complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with Uponor mulit layer composite pipe systems for the bathrooms.

Case Study
Avante Garde Apartment House

Moscow, Russia

Avant-Guard is a new solid cast 22-storied apartment house of "Business+" class built in the Novye Cheremushki district.

Case Study
BAE Systems

Rochester, UK

BAE systems are the third largest global defence company, delivering a range of products for the air, land and naval armed forces.

Case Study
Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport (SBIA)

Bangkok, Thailand

An Uponor panel cooling system will cool Bangkok's new international airport in combination with a displacement ventilation system. An area of around 150,000-square-meters, which is the approximate surface area of 20 football pitches, will be equipped with Uponor panel cooling.

Case Study
Berliner Bogen

Hamburg, Germany

Berliner Bogen in Hamburg – cutting-edge architecture combined with state-of-the-art technology

Case Study
Blue Lagoon

Grindavik, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is an innovative company in health, wellness and skin care powered by geothermal energy.

Case Study
BMW World

München, Germany

The opening of the BMW World in Munich - an important step for BMW. After all, the new BMW World means more to the company than an exclusive dispatch center for its vehicles: with the BMW World, the company is offering its visitors an experience which appeals to all of the senses, allowing them to experience the fascination of mobility.

Case Study
Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town, South Africa

How do you economically sound fit the circular shape of a football stadium with tap water installation? The answer to that question is easy: use the flexible Uponor PEX-a pipe system. When the Cape Town Stadium project for the FIFA World Cup 2010 started in 2007, cost control was one of the main arguments in favor of Uponor, along with the perfect performance and the safety of the pipe.

Case Study
Cathedral Dome of Atri

Atri, Italy

In the course of several centuries, Atri has always been an important city both for civil and religious aspects. Uponor underfloor heating was installed.

Case Study
Copernicus Science Center

Warsaw, Poland

Copernicus Science Center is one of the most modern European institutions, showing the relationship of science, culture and everyday life.

Case Study
D'or Appartements

Budapest, Hungary

In one of the best part of the city, at the south side of the "Sas" hill you can find the D'or Appartements project. It consist of 3 buildins with 88 flats.

Case Study
Ericusspitze Spiegelhaus

Hamburg, Germany

New company HQ of the Spiegel Group is located at the Ericusspitze. The concrete core activation from Uponor ensures pleasant temperature levels in the building.

Case Study
Golden Mile

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Uponor MLCP system has been selected for the Golden Mile Project in Dubai on the trunk of the Palm Island.

Case Study
Jubilee Wharf

Cornwall, UK

Jubilee Wharf is a significant breakthrough in ecological and sustainable energy that could lead the way for future developments.

Case Study

Cologne, Germany

Spectacular architecture distinguishes these three new buildings on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne. In the case of the Kranhaus Plus building, the challenge was to implement interesting architecture featuring large window surfaces and an interior ceiling height of at least three meters with ecological and economical energy concepts for year-round comfort.

Case Study
Loven Apartments

Santa Maria di Sala, Italy

Located in a beautiful residential area, in the Venitian countryside, these four apartment buildings consist of 9 living units each.

Case Study
Makka Royal Clock Hotel

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Uponor cooling and MLC plumbing solutions are being used in one of the most exciting projects in the Islamic holy city of Mecca in the Kingdom in Saudi Arabia.

Case Study
Palazzo Ferazzi

Brescia, Italy

Uponor brings the comfort of its Underfloor Heating & Cooling radiant systems to a prestigious renovation project to transform a Northern Italy 1700s Palace into comfortable offices.

Case Study
Residenze del Parco Santa Giulia

Milan, Italy

The new neighborhood in the suburbs of Milan is an ambitious project. It consists of a residential center, composed of 35 builings of 9 floors each.

Case Study
The Johann Holz Company

Hückelhoven-Ratheim, Germany

The sanitation and heating construction company Johann Holz, founded in 1927, is now in its third generation.

Case Study
Link Houses in Fittja, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

During 2009, Stökhagen community in Fittja, Stockholm, replaced their old pipe-work with Uponor Pre-insulated pipe system. The house-owners did not have to move out during the maintenance period.

Case Study
Vestas New Headquarters

Aarhus, Denmark

Vestas new headquarters in Skejby near Aarhus, Denmark is very ambitious in terms of energy. It will be the first building in Scandinavia, which can be LEED-certified in the best category, "Platinum." Only about 150 commercial buildings in the world have achieved the American Platinum certification, and according to Danish definition this is a low-energy class 1-building.

Case Study
Villa Ersilia Hotel & Wellness Center

Soverato, Italy

Villa Ersilia is a 4 star hotel which faces a panoramic view along the coast of Calabria, in front of the Squillace Gulf.

Case Study
Waters Edge

Weymouth, United Kingdom

The Waters Edge development in Weymouth offers all the mod conveniences such as contemporary kitchens and granite work surfaces.


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