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Professionals looking to expand their knowledge in radiant heating and cooling, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems can now receive continuing education units (CEUs) when attending Uponor Academy training courses. Uponor Academy offers everything for the radiant, plumbing and fire sprinkler professional — all in our 11,000-square-foot training facility in Apple Valley, Minn.

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Advanced Radiant Hydronics and Design
This three-day training brings students who are already well versed* in radiant hydronics, theory, design and installation to a higher level of understanding the world of hydronics.

Topics include

• Radiant design overview
• Radiant cooling
• Snowmelt systems
• Hydronic systems
• Broader knowledge of how to design and value engineer in various heating applications
• More complex wiring and controls logic experience

*Students should consider attending the LoopCAD training course which immediately follows this class. This course also includes a manufacturing and quality lab tour. * It is highly recommended that students have completed the Radiant Hydronics and Design course before attending this class.

Radiant Hydronics and Design
This three-day training covers design and installation of hydronic based systems.

During the course students will;

• Learn the importance of designing toward human comfort
• Conduct heat loss analysis for buildings
• Size a radiant floor system
• Learn how to troubleshoot systems
• Gain comprehensive knowledge of installation and controls wiring through hands-on training in Uponor’s state-of-the-art controls lab and hands-on application facility.

Students should consider attending the LoopCAD training course which immediately follows this class. This course also includes a manufacturing and quality lab tour.

Uponor LoopCAD Training
This one-day training is an overview of how to use Uponor LoopCAD to design radiant floor and snowmelt systems for residential and commercial applications.

The topics include;

• Heat loss analysis
• Importing existing plans
• Drawing building components
• Drawing loops
• Circulator sizing
• Material listing

No previous CAD or design experience is needed. This class immediately follows the ‘Radiant Hydronics and Design’ and ‘Advanced Radiant’ trainings. Students are required to bring a laptop computer. They should also have the free version of Uponor LoopCAD (available here) pre-loaded no more than 30 days before the class.

Commercial Piping
This in-depth two-day course is designe for plumbing professionals, installers, designers and engineers interested in Uponor's PEX-a piping systems for commercial applications that have traditionally been installed with copper, steel, or CPVC piping.

The topics for this course include;

• Codes and standards
• Pipe sizing with Uponor AquaPEX® systems
• Unit piping, riser piping, and distribution piping
• Public and service piping
• Terminal unit piping
• Design and installation practices
• Over-head and under-slab installations
• Hanger and clamp systems
• Transition fittings and hybrid systems
• Value engineering and case studies
• BIM and CAD resources
• Engineering spec resources
• Engineering calculation resources

This course also includes a manufacturing and quality lab tour.

AquaSAFE Levels I and II
This one-day training shows how to install AquaSAFE™(link), Uponor’s Residential fire sprinkler system. AquaSAFE™ Level I (available as an online course here) is a 4 hour walkthrough of NFPA 13D; the standard for the installation and design of residential fire protection in one and two-family dwellings, manufactured homes, and townhomes. From this course, student will gain knowledge of how systems are designed and what Uponor’s design and best installation practices are. The second part of the training, AquaSAFE™ Level II, is a comprehensive hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art facility where students will install and test a residential sprinkler system as well as learn how to conduct an estimate. Following the course, students will then be able to install residential fire protection system provided that they have all of the proper licensing required in their area to do so. This course also includes a manufacturing tour.

*Contractors need to complete both level I and Level II trainings to install sprinkler systems. If the online course is used, hands-on training needs to be conducted on your first sprinkler project.

French Training
Cette formation intensive de deux jours et demi vise la compréhension des éléments fondamentaux d’une conception, installation, opération et application de systèmes de chauffage par surface radiante.

Les participants pourront ainsi identifier les éléments clé d’un système de chauffage par plancher radiant et appliquer correctement leurs connaissances. Les principes de distribution et la sélection des composantes d’un réseau de distribution seront abordés. Le besoin, la sélection et l’installation de contrôles appropriés complètera cette formation

Ce module vise aussi à démystifier le chauffage radiant ainsi que les légendes urbaines qui se sont développées au fil des années.

La formation intensive se termine par un examen qui permettra aux participants réussissant celui-ci d’obtenir leur diplôme comme concepteur/installateur certifié Uponor
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Advanced Radiant with Controls
Uponor, your system solutions provider for PEX-based radiant floor heating and cooling, plumbing and fire safety, is offering a 2½ day Advanced Radiant with Controls training opportunity customized specifically for Western Canada. This course is designed to develop an understanding of hydronic radiant heating system design, operation and application.
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Uponor Academy offers classes for professionals in the areas of fire safety, plumbing, controls and radiant heat.

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