Radiant Ready 30E™

Radiant Ready 30E

A Complete Radiant Mechanical Room

Radiant Ready 30E™ is a complete radiant mechanical room designed in a compact, preassembled, easy-to-install panel. The unit includes a boiler, manifold, pump, expansion tank, pressure-relief valve, isolation valves, thermostat and air vent. Simply hang the panel on a wall, connect the tubing, thermostat and electrical power and you’re done!

The panel can cover up to 2,000 square feet of radiant floor heating (based on 15 BTU/h/sq. ft.) and 4,000 square feet of radiant floor warming (based on 7.5 BTU/h/sq. ft.). The panel comes standard with a 5-loop Uponor Engineered Plastic (EP) Heating Manifold, which can be customized to add additional loops if necessary (up to 8 fit inside the unit).

The package comes complete with the Radiant Ready 30E unit, an Uponor Heat-only Thermostat (A3030101), an Outdoor Temperature Sensor (A3503015), fastening hardware, thermostat wire and polyethylene pipe and fitting (for relief valve drain).